Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Learn How To Swallow Cum - Easy 5 Steps


Every guy loves it when a girl swallows, its no secret! However, for some girls, its very very hard to "swallow his cum". But, if you pick up on these ten simple tips for making it easier, I promise your ladies, you will start to wonder why it was so hard before!

1: Make sure you tell him to LET YOU KNOW when hes about to cum! Sure you can kinda tell, but you never know, and it will make it much easier for you to be able to do it!

2: Make your man eat some pinapple! Pinapple makes his seman taste "sweet".

3: Deepthroat! - when you perform deep throat, the head of the penis is in so deeply that it extends past the "bitter" taste buds that are on the back of the tongue. As your man reaches the moment of ejaculation, take his penis as far into your throat as you can, swallow as his semen hits the back of your throat, and continue swallowing until he's finished. You'll never taste it if you can avoid getting it on your tongue. Learn how to deepthroat HERE

4: Instead of taking your "medicine" like a good girl with only water to wash it down, try following Mary Poppins' advice to disguise the taste with a "spoonful of sugar." You can easily use a mouthful of chocolate syrup or honey to chase down the semen and get the taste out of your mouth. Using food as part of fellatio also causes you to subconsciously associate sucking a penis with swallowing something that tastes good. Eventually, that association may make swallowing semen "neat" taste good to you.

5: Get it over with fast! - Either by deepthroating, or pooling it in the front of your mouth, and quikly swallowing it. Having him shoot him cum all inside your mouth, will be sooooo much hardder to get it down, and keep it down :)

And just for fun, some reasons why you should swallow:

It’s Tidy

Spitting is, quite simply, messy. Having a paper towel at the ready can help, but even then, you have a cum-soaked towel to dispose of. Same is true if he comes somewhere other than inside your mouth, there’s plenty of sticky jizm to wipe up. Just swallow and there's no muss or fuss.

It’s Quick

Even if cum is unpleasant (we have tips for making it much less so), the fastest way to deal with it is to swallow. Running to the bathroom to dispose of it or spitting it out on the spot will take more time, and be less efficient, than just swallowing it.

It Lets the Man Relax

If a man has to worry about coming, feeling that it is an imposition on the woman or the cause of unpleasantness, it creates tension while receiving the blowjob. He cannot fully relax, and cannot fully enjoy his climax. A woman who swallows both puts her partner at ease. Also, she can continue sucking through the orgasm, “sucking him dry”, which men find both physically and emotionally satisfying.

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